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3 Ways To Deal With The Infamous “Guilt Tripping Girlfriend” Tactic

Most guys, at some time or another, will eventually come across a situation where a girl tries to guilt trip them. If it happens, can you handle it like a man?

Do You Have A Guilt Tripping Girlfriend?

Most guys, at some time or another, will eventually come across a situation where a girl tries to guilt trip them.

Often it’s a power play or a manipulative gambit that uses and emotionally charged attitude to try to GET something from you or get you to do or say something.

Maybe that something is small (like a piece of cake), or maybe that something isn’t so small (like relationship exclusivity).

As far as we can tell, this topic has been thrown under the bus by pretty much every other source of dating advice for men out there.

So to get everyone up to speed on what exactly we mean by a guilt trip, here are a handful of examples:

Examples of Guilt Trips In Dating

Scene #1: At the restaurant

Her: (silently pouting)

Him: (finishing the last bite of a cake) What’s wrong?

Her: (teary eyed) “I wanted to eat some of that cake… *sniff*”

Him: Oh, oh, oh, sorry! I’ll order another one!

Sound ridiculous?

I saw my friend’s girlfriend (a grown woman at the age of 26) do this recently at a restaurant.

It blew my mind that she would actually pull out crocodile tears to get a piece of cake, and it blew my mind that he fell for it.

Scene #2: Post-coital conversation

Her: Hey, can I ask you a question.

Him: (grunting)

Her: What am I to you?

Him: What?

Her: Well… What are we? Where’s this going?

Him: Where’s what going?

Her: You know!!!

Him: Umm…

Her: Are we a couple?

Him: Oh, yeah, I guess so.

Her: (angry) You guess so?!

Him: Oh, yes. Yeah, I mean. Geez.

Her: Hmph, good.

And with those words, the guy has sealed his fate by drifting along right into her power play by agreeing to whatever she imagines a “couple” should be like.

Maybe her idea of a couple is him being unable to as much dial his phone and turn his car keys without a complete report to her while being under constant 24 supervision (more commonly known as “being whipped”), while she gets to head out and party with her girlfriends at the club every Tuesday. Maybe not.

The point is, neither one of them communicated clearly what their idea of a “couple” was, and whether it was a mutually beneficial agreement when she rolled an “anger” power play and he caved without even considering what his conditions of satisfaction were, nevertheless asserting them properly.

Scene #3: A friendly, mixed group of guys and girls at a cafe. None of them are dating each other or even romantically involved in any way.

Him: (checking out the bodacious body on a waitress)

Girl #1: (disgusted) Tch.

Girl #2: (shaking her head) You shouldn’t do that!

Girl #3: (kicks him under the table) How crude.

Ah, the age old meme of the poor guy who looks at some boobs and then women who aren’t even his girlfriend come out of nowhere to whack him over the head.

Um, what the heck for? Having a male sex drive?

Ultimately it comes down to “He should feel ashamed for looking at her T&A!”

It’s all guilt tripping and we’re having none of it.

How To Deal With Guilt Tripping In Dating Situations

While guilt trips may come from men and women of all backgrounds, sizes and ages (children included: “Waaaah! You didn’t buy me that toy! I hate you, Mom!”), the situation we’re most concerned about here is if the women you’re dating start rolling out these maneuvers to manipulate your behavior.

How To Handle A Guilt Tripping Girlfriend Tip #1

First way, note her guilt tripping as the red flag it is, drop her and go meet more women. Harsh, yes. And it does depend on her track record and the level of severity with the guilt trip, but really, you don’t have to time to deal with this crap. There’s a hot woman somewhere, waiting to meet YOU, and she doesn’t have the core characteristics and attitude that lead to cheap guilt trips and power plays. Once you’ve Identified a girl who relies on manipulative tricks like this, kick her to the curb go search for her her replacement. Simple, clean and effective.

How To Handle A Guilt Tripping Girlfriend Tip #2

When she comes at you with a guilt trip, the attitude that serves you best is “Hey, it’s play time!!!” Look at the opportunity in the light of how ridiculous of a response you can have, and how much can you make her laugh in response to her guilt trips. Eventually several things might happen:

  • She laughs and joins in on the fun and games, leaving the BS behind
  • She continues with the bad behavior until either you or she walks away in frustration

How To Handle A Guilt Tripping Girlfriend Tip #3

Pick up a copy of “When I Say No I Feel Guilty,” by Manuel J. Smith, one of the most useful books on recognizing and dealing with manipulation. Follow along with the assertion exercises closely. Practice the techniques described in the book (particularly fogging) whenever she comes at you with a guilt trip.

Learn to recognize when your dates come at you with guilt trips and implement the strategies above. If you don’t, then you’re not a real man, and you should be! (Spot that guilt trip just now?)


31 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake España. © Copyright 2010-2020. All rights reserved.

One way for guys to deal with a breakup is going into a wanton spiral of depression, emo music and self-destruction. While this continues to be one of the most popular methods that guys process the end of a relationship, we have some severe doubts about its effectiveness.

Fortunately, we have an alternative 31 ways to get your life back in the swing of things should you have a particularly emotional breakup.

The first way is to make a commitment now:

“No matter what, I’m going to take action… MASSIVE action… To get my life back in gear after any and all breakups.”

What’s great about this commitment is that you can make it whether you’re still in a relationship, recently single or a chronic bachelor… Because who knows what the future may bring? Doesn’t matter when, what matters is that you decide right now that:

“Yes. I’m willing to take MASSIVE action on my dating life.”

Once you’ve seriously considered this commitment, written it down on paper, made the emotional investment in it and are ready to put it into practice, then the hard part is done!

The other thirty reasons are as follows:

Get up, get suited up, get out, and head to where the highest amount of the most attractive women are walking about and say “Hi, what’s your name?” x 30 over 50-75 minutes.

Repeat this daily. As in, every day.

Why? Well, a recent or impending breakup may make us ‘sad,’ but by getting out and talking to 30 women every single day, we getting back on the right track. When we do everything we possibly can to get to where we want to be, it helps us allow ourselves to feel good while we get up, get out and meet 30 women every single day looking for the next Great One to come into our lives.

We do this not to interrupt, push aside or deny any negative emotions that may arise as a side-effect of the breakup, but rather to accept those emotions as a sign that things need to change… And when we need to change things, we get into high gear. Thus, those emotions are simply a sign-post of where we’re going in life.

Take “depression” for instance. Depression is a lack of action; it’s stagnation. If you at the word “depress,” you can break it down to “de” and “press” – “de,” the prefix for “not,” and “press,” as in “press on,” or “press forward.” By not pressing on, guys stop taking action, get stagnant and as a result feel all black-trenchcoaty.

Looking at it like this, the solution is easy – take action. What’s great about taking action regardless of an individuals present mental make-up (as opposed to taking action because of trying to get to / being “in state”) is that it serves as a rock solid foundation to progress forward towards goals in the face of the inevitable ups and downs we face in life. The more audacious and the more bold the action, the quicker the down-time will be.

Someone once said procrastination is a great skill when properly applied. By loading up our schedule with the massive undertaking of talking to 30 women per day, we give ourselves something tangible to work on as we process complicated emotions that come along with a breakup. Action like this transmutes any feeling that may have been mislabeled as “emptiness” into pure willpower and drive.


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