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The Logistics Strategy of Extremadura with a horizon to 2050

13 máj. 2021

The Extremadura Logistics Strategy aims to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric and generate growth in employment and the regional economy in a horizon until 2050. It establishes the public lines of action in three horizons that are 2030, 2040 and 2050 and They are based on the logistical strengths of Extremadura, which are essentially relations with Portugal, the integration of the Atlantic Corridor and the growing export activity of companies.

It seeks to make the logistics and freight transport system of Extremadura more efficient, viable and sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view. It also proposes a governance model in a context of collaboration between public and private entities, advancing in the innovation of logistics and transport infrastructure and services to increase their efficiency and competitiveness, and promoting training and collaboration between logistics and transport operators, chargers and technological institutions, through associations.

The development of these objectives will allow to have more than 400 hectares of gross logistics land that in turn will generate a net investment in urbanization and construction of about 700 million euros and with an associated employment that will exceed 12,000 jobs.

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