Extremadura leads the photovoltaic power in Spain

14 Sep 2021

Extremadura's electricity surplus is triple the second largest in the country

Extremadura's ratio between electricity generation and demand stood at 431.3% in 2020. It was the highest of all the country's regions. In the last year, the plants located in Extremadura, whether renewable or not, supplied 21,354 gigawatt-hours (GWh) compared to the 4,951 GWh that were demanded for consumption.

Most of the energy generated in Extremadura is of nuclear origin, more than seven tenths of the total is produced in the two reactors of the Almaraz Power Plant. It also ranks third in hydraulic energy with 2,277 MW, after Castilla y León and Galicia, and finally in solar thermal energy, after Andalusia.

With these figures we can conclude that half of Extremadura's industrial wealth corresponds to electricity production.

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